FTP – ഫയല്‍ ഷെയറിങ്ങ്

FTP sharing

File Sharing Protocol

ports used

ftp-data 20/tcp

ftp-data 20/udp

ftp 21/tcp

ftp 21/udp

files are /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

We have two type of access modes anonymous and user mode

In anonymous we can enter without password & in user mode we should enter password to get access

In anonymous we mode we will be sharing /var/ftp/pub directory & in usermode we will be sharing coresponding users home directory

In anonymous mode users will normally have only read permission if we need to give write permission we need to create a directory inside the /var/ftp and change the context to public_content_rw_t and set the acl of that directory to ftp user to enable anonymous user entry we need to enable following lines as yes


write_enable=YES anon_upload_enable=YES


give the write permission as per need we need to set the sebool also to get it right

getseboot-a | grep ftp


To enable user mode entry just set no to all the anonymous settings and set yes to

local_enable=YES and we need to set needed sebool getsebool -a | grep ftp


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